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Studio Sale. Jake Beckman is having a Studio Sale. Make me an offer! 

Phoenix, AZ expressionist painter and abstract artist Jake Beckman creates Tweetdeck, whimsical art.  In "TweetDeck", by Jake Beckman, two yellow canaries seem to be talking to one another over the head of an orange canary as two other yellow canaries listen in.

"Currently I create whimsical acrylic paintings of birds and binary based on humorous observations of social media and pop culture. Alternatively I explore flow and formless color in some of my non-representational abstract work." Jake

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Welcome to AKAJake home of the art of Jake Beckman, AKA Jake, Phoenix, AZ fine artist, abstract artist,  representation artist and acrylic painter. Jake also specializes in portraiture in AZ, among other forms. If you are here, perhaps you met Jake at a show, or online, or maybe you just happened across this site. You might remember Jake because of Jake's whimsical Bird Art AZ.  It is always good to hear from you. We welcome your patronage. Getting around this site should be easy enough (but if you have a problem please contact usand let us know). There is navigation at the top and bottom of every page and many images are also linked.

Latest testimonial: Trisha H wrote: "I had a great experience and it was my first ever time buying fine art!! I almost did not do it but you are so kind and approachable. The yantras that you made for me were exactly as I imagined. You are so receptive, you really listened to what I wanted."

Abstract Gallery & Binary Birds
Handmade Refrigerator Magnets & Hand-painted Garden Markers

Jelly Bowl cartoon by Jake Beckman polar bears think santa taste like a bowl of jelly
Xmas Dementia
Original Xmas Cartoons by Jake Beckman
WARNING: May offend the religious
coffee mug with original jake beckman black water design archetypal fish
T-shirts, Cards, Coffee Mugs and More based on Original Jake Beckman designs.
jake beckman participates in Art Detour 20 public art project
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link to jake beckman studio at Xanadu Jake Beckman's studio page

Jake Beckman Interview - Creative Minds

Jake Beckman Featured Artist at

Jake Beckman Featured Artist at

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